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Ideal Shield Steel Bollards: Made and Manufactured in America

Buying American made products has become a bit of a difficult task over the last couple of decades. The world has never been smaller as consumers no longer have just the local or national options available but, instead, have their choice of buying products from countries all over the globe. This allows for more competition and more competitive pricing.

But what if you’re looking for the locally made or sourced item?

What if you’re specifically looking to buy the American product?

While plenty of countries produce fine products, there’s nothing quite like an American-made product. That’s especially true when the consumer wants and expects an American made product from an American company but receives a cheaper, “knock-off” product made overseas. 

It’s a familiar tale for most industries but is especially true in the steel bollard industry. 

Ideal Shield's American-made steel pipe bollards
Ideal Shield’s American-made steel pipe bollards

Bollards come in all different sizes and strengths and can be used for several different applications. So, when a consumer buys a specific type of bollard, that is what they are expecting to (and should) receive. But that’s not always the case. 

Plenty of competitors use cheaper, thinner steel tubing from Vietnam or China and pawn them off as the same as high-quality, US or North American-made steel pipe bollards. There’s a big difference, especially when buying bollards for protection purposes. 

Here at Ideal Shield, we fully support the United States steel industry by manufacturing our steel bollards in Detroit, Michigan, USA.  

Ideal Shield's American-made steel pipe bollards being installed
Ideal Shield’s American-made steel pipe bollards being installed

Trust is key in everything and that’s especially true in B2B and B2C business. That is why we here at Ideal Shield keep it as authentic as possible and manufacture all of our bollards right here in the United States. Not only are our bollards manufactured in America but they will also arrive at the correct weight (11lbs. per linear foot for 4″ pipe) so you, the customer, get exactly what you ordered. 

Looking to know for sure if you’re buying American-made products? Look for it on the website or ask your salesperson. Our Ideal Shield sales team will be happy to let you know where our products are made. Question is, will our competitors? 

Contact us today online or give us a call at 866-825-8659 for more information on our steel bollards or any of our other products, including our dome-top bollard covers, that are sourced, manufactured, and shipped from the United States of America.