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Standard Guardrail vs. Heavy Duty Industrial Guardrail

Standard Guardrail is made of 4’’ sch. 40 steel pipe rails and 2 1/2 sch. 80 steel pipe posts.

Ideal Shield’s Standard Guardrail System is the strongest industrial guardrail on the market; it can withstand multiple hits from a 12,000 lb. forklift traveling 4 mph with 100% deflection. The guardrail is a modular, delivers to site fully assembled and never requires paint. Lastly, the system can be placed within 8’’ of a wall which saves valuable floor space.

Heavy Guardrail is made of 6’’ sch. 40s steel pipe rails and 4’’ sch. 80 steel pipe posts. The guardrail can withstand a 12,000 lb. forklift traveling 8 mph with 100% deflection. Our Heavy Duty Guardrail deflects forklift impact better than any other manufactured guardrail and is maintenance free, eliminating the need to ever paint again!