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Industrial Safety Rail Improves Protection at Any Warehouse, Facility, or Job Site

Industrial safety rail is one of the most critically important and maybe overlooked pieces of protection at any job site or inside any warehouse or facility. While it may not fully protect machinery or storage racks from forklift damage, the safety rail is more for the workers themselves. Lining walkways, stairs, ramps, HVAC units, and workspaces, safety rail offers guidance and a helpful deterrent throughout any facility. 

But it’s about choosing the proper railing system. Just adding any form of safety railing is one thing but having quality safety handrail and grab rail can be the difference in a near mistake and a costly mistake. 

Luckily, Ideal Shield offers the industry’s most unique and versatile safety rail option on the market which can be custom designed to fit your exact needs as well as OSHA’s requirements.  

Our Steel Pipe & Plastic Handrail system is designed from American-made 1 1/4” schedule 40 and 80 steel which is sleeved in durable 1 1/2” HDPE plastic (1.9” OD) that will never need to be painted and is resistant to rusting, chipping and cracking. The safety rail locks together with external aluminum magnesium Speed-Rail® fittings with exclusive knurled 5/8’’ set screws.  

The installation process for any facility protection equipment can be very important. Businesses want the least amount of downtime as possible. That’s why our modular handrail is so unique. Unlike welded alternatives, our Steel Pipe & Plastic Rail does not require on-site field welding and can be installed by non-specialized labor. We also offer over 125 different fittings so our railing is simple to reconfigure on-the-fly to fit your layout’s exact dimensions.  

Standard in the safety yellow sleeving but this system is available in a variety of colors to meet your needs. The industrial rail is also available in multiple styles including 2-line, 3-line, picket, decorative infill panels, as well as custom swing gates.

Mounting options include plate-mounted, core-mounted, side-mounted, or removable.

Ideal Shield's Steel Pipe & Plastic Industrial Safety Handrail

Ideal Shield’s Steel Pipe & Plastic Industrial Safety Handrail with swing gate

Whether you’re looking for interior or exterior railing, safety railing for workers both high and low, or guidance railing throughout your facility for walkways, machinery, HVAC equipment, or other designated areas, our Steel Pipe & Plastic Industrial Safety Handrail is the perfect fit. 

For more information on our Industrial and Commercial Handrail options, please contact our experienced and knowledgable sales team today!