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Introducing the Bollard Caddy

Have you been spending too much time building out materials to install bollards? From wooden braces and frames, the amount of valuable time and material that goes into just getting the bollard set in place and ready for installation can make you want to tear your hair out. 

Well, that is no longer an issue thanks to our newest invention, the Bollard Caddy

Ideal Shield's Bollard Caddy

Ideal Shield’s Bollard Caddy

The Bollard Caddy is a reusable steel bollard installation holder that is designed to fit a 6″ pipe bollard and hold it in place at a 90 degree angle while adding concrete to the cored hole. Instead of having to build out the wooden brace to hold it up straight and another ground chair to keep it level, the Bollard Caddy will handle it all. Hold the bollard in place and off the ground floor with ease. 

The current design is only made for 6″ bollards (6-5/8″ OD pipe) and can fit over a max 12″ cored hole. 

Ideal Shield's Bollard Caddy vs wooden bollard installation brace

So, speed up the bollard installation process and stop wasting time and money on building out one-time use wooden installation braces. Give our team a call today to learn about our new Bollard Caddy as well as our wide array of U.S. steel bollard options to see how we can help improve your next project!