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Introducing the New Reflector Bollard Covers

When you’re a manufacturing company, sometimes you have to look in the mirror and reflect on what got you to where you are as a company. At Ideal Shield, we grew to who we are today because of our ability to look at common facility and maintenance issues and finding innovative solutions to the problems.

One issue we’ve been reflecting on has been the Reflective Bollard Covers which feature reflective tape to help drivers see the bollards more clearly. However, if you’ve ever dealt with any form of adhesive tape being left outside to deal with the elements, you know that it will eventually result in peeling. As the leader in the Bollard Cover industry and inventor of the Original Bumper Post Sleeve, we’ve been around the block a few times with reflective tape issues. Whether it’s 3 months or 3 years, the tape will eventually start to peel which then takes our product from a “maintenance-free” item to another task for maintenance workers. 

Damaged Reflective Bollard Covers

Competitor’s damaged reflective tape bollard covers

So, we came up with a simple solution to the tape peeling problem: replace the tape! 

Our engineering team went through all of the reflection options available to try and find the perfect replacement for adhesive tape. With months of research and development, we designed and fabricated a new and improved reflecting bollard cover option. 

Meet the Reflector Bollard Cover.

Ideal Shield's Reflector Bollard Covers

Ideal Shield’s Reflector Bollard Covers

The Reflector Bollard Cover features 1″ plastic reflectors that are screwed into the Bollard Cover to ensure a more permanent reflection option for your bollard covers. No more having to consistently replace peeling tape. Now, you’ll have 3-6 plastic reflectors that are easily installed to give a new look and shine to your property’s bollards. The reflectors are also easily replaceable should any damage or theft take place. But to stop people from removing the reflectors, we suggest using Red Loctite to keep them secure. 

The 1″ reflectors are available in Red, Blue, or Green and can be designed in vertical or horizontal layouts to meet your needs. Custom designs can be discussed as well. 

Ideal Shield's Reflector Bollard Covers at garage

Ideal Shield’s Reflector Bollard Covers at a garage door 

Reflecting on the past allows us to see the future better. And in the future, we see a more permanent reflecting bollard cover solution at every storefront, gas station, drive-thru, parking lot, and warehouse in the country.

We still offer the normal Reflective Bollard Cover with tape and grooves to make sure you have every option possible. But if you’re looking to try something new, contact the experienced Ideal Shield sales team today!