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Keep Your Cold Storage Doors Protected With Our Hottest Products

While the winter is here for the rest of us, cold storage facilities are no strangers to the cold. These facilities are where food and medicine is stored to ensure freshness before shipping out. That is why it’s critical that cold storage facility managers ensure that the cold stays inside the freezer room even more so. But accidents do happen. 

One of the most common and unfortunate accidents that takes place in cold storage facilities involve forklifts that hit and damage high speed freezer doors or overhead roll-up doors, causing shutdowns and potential inventory loss. It’s a critical mistake that can cost thousands and thousands of dollars. So, why not protect it with the best cold storage door and asset protection solutions on the market? 

Goal Post Guardrail

Easily one of our most popular cold storage solutions, the Guardrail Goal Posts are a necessity for protecting your assets in a warehouse or facility that sees a high volume of forklift traffic that could result in damage. The vertical guardrails protect the overhead doors when they’re rolled up, the door tracks at all times, and the door edge openings when forklifts are in use. 

The Goal Post Guardrail is built to withstand extreme temperatures– all the way from -40 to 210 degrees — meaning it’s ready for just about any temperature your facility can be. Our Goal Posts also have a quick and easy installation process with no painting, welding, or sanding required. Need to install the guardrail but worried it may hit a refrigeration line? We offer specially designed Installation Spools to put in before the concrete is poured to ensure line are not broken. 

Ideal Shield Goal Post Guardrail with guardrail wings for extended protection in a cold storage facility. 

Heavy Duty Guardrail

Looking to extend your guardrail protection around your freezer’s overhead doors and speed doors? Our Heavy Duty Guardrail is our strongest individual guardrail solution and has been a trusted piece of protection from the largest manufacturers in the country for decades. 

The Heavy Duty Guardrail can be cored-in or base plated to meet the needs of your facility. With the plastic sleeved steel, this Guardrail is maintenance-free and can withstand multiple impacts from full-sized forklifts, saving you money on potential damages to the assets while also saving on replacement pieces for the railing. It’s the epitome of “best bang for your buck”. 

Ideal Shield's Goal Post Guardrails and Heavy Duty Guardrails at a cold storage facility

Ideal Shield’s Goal Post Guardrails and Heavy Duty Guardrails at a cold storage facility.


For the tighter areas or doors that may only require simple protection, our line of Steel Pipe Bollards are a perfect fit. 100% American-made, the Bollards are available in just about any application to meet your need. That includes standard Bollards (core-in or base plated), Removable Bollards for temporary protection needs, Bounce Back Bollards for a flexible bollard option, as well as Crash Rated Bollards for the most vulnerable areas that need the strongest Bollard protection possible. 

Ideal Shield's Base Plate Bollards at cold storage facility

Ideal Shield’s Base Plate Bollards and Bollard Covers at cold storage facility.

When freezer doors are broken, it can cost thousands of dollars to cold storage facilities. Make sure your doors remain intact and operational with affordable and effective industrial guarding solutions. Contact the experienced sales team at Ideal Shield today to learn more about our cold storage facility protection products.