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Longevity is Key for Ideal Shield Products and People

Quality products made by quality people. That is what Ideal Shield has been offering to customers across the country for nearly 25 years. It’s what has separated the Detroit manufacturer from its competitors and what has helped the company continue to adapt and improve as the years have gone on. 

That ability to adapt and improve relates to both Ideal Shield’s products and its people. In an age of consistent employee turnover and hiring issues around the country, Ideal Shield’s culture has been a driving force in why the company has continued to employ a full office and shop team since the beginning, a large portion of which has been with the company for more than 15 years! 

The list of 15+ year employees spans across all departments, some of which were among the first employees of Ideal Shield: 

Plant Manager, Abel Gutierrez has been with Ideal for 26 years as he began at the operations in Hamburg, Michigan back in 1995. He began as a floor sweeper and shop hand for Ideal Steel before transitioning to Ideal Shield full time in 2001 where he worked his way up through the ranks to eventually managing all shop operations. 

Abel Gutierrez

Guardrail Laborer, Daryl Palms has been with the company for 26 years and has one of the most unique stories here at Ideal Shield. He was originally hired on through the G.R.A.C.E. work program that helped him learn and grow with Ideal Shield as the company found its footing. Over the years, he has spent time in nearly every department in the shop including Guardrail, Bollard Covers, and the shipping department. 

Daryl Palms

Vice President, Chris Parenti celebrates his 25th anniversary in 2021 as he was one of the first salesmen hires for the company. Making the move from the ice cream industry to the industrial manufacturing industry, he was able to climb up the ranks of the company to eventually become the Vice President of Ideal Shield, overseeing the company’s most profitable years. 

Chris Parenti

Bollard Cover Laborer, Arty Montes has been with Ideal Shield for 25 years and was another early addition to the team. His willingness to work wherever needed allowed him to learn the business and product line, as he now manages the fabrication and packaging for all Bollard Cover orders. He’s also one of the most consistent workers as he’s only taken off a handful of days throughout his entire tenure with Ideal Shield. 

Arty Montes

Team Leader, Ramon Alvarado has been with the company for 24 years and has continued to be one of the most reliable employees in the shop. He has worked within just about every department but has found his calling as the manager of the Handrail and Sign Base departments for Shield. 

Ramon Alvarado

Southeast Sales Manager, Antonio Rivera has been with Ideal Shield for 23 years. He first started with the company in its infancy in 1998 as he was another member of the G.R.A.C.E work program. Beginning in Guardrail production, he was promoted to the sales department thanks to his previous knowledge and skills in local sales. To this day, he has been one of the most consistent sales people within the company. 

Antonio Rivera

Guardrail Laborer, Rodolfo Rivera has been with Ideal Shield for 23 years as he has carved out his spot within the guardrail department. He has worked his way up to be one of the best guardrail fabricators the company has had and also moonlights as a defensive playmaker on the Ideal Group soccer team each year. 

Rodolfo Rivera

Sales Manager, Dennis Knittel has been with the company for more than 21 years as he has been a main sales person and product video superstar. His ability to relate to customers with industry knowledge and a dynamite sense of humor has helped him sell more Bollard Covers than any other sales person ever. 

Dennis Knittel

Transporter, Jeff West has been with the company for 17 years as employee that can do a little bit of everything. He has worked with the manufacturing side of things and the shipping side of things but has settled in as the Transport Manager, handling trucking shipments in the Midwest for Ideal Shield. 

Jeff West

Steel Welder, Chef Szewczyk has spent the last 16 years with Ideal Shield, mastering the steel fabrication of the company’s top products. He has not only been a reliable worker and high quality fabricator but he also has one of the best personalities in the shop. 

Chef Szewczyk

The longevity within the team at Ideal Shield has helped the company grow to become an industry leader in manufacturing and selling facility maintenance and protection products. Their collective knowledge and experience has allowed for Ideal to expand its product line and improve the quality of its product offerings to meet customer needs. 

Looking for longevity with your Guardrail? Ideal Shield installed a row of One-Line Heavy Duty Guardrail outside of its headquarters back in 2002 and it’s still looking good to this day: 

19 year old Heavy Duty Guardrail

Need quality guide rail for your facility or stadium? Ideal Shield manufactured all of the Aluminum Handrail at Ford Field in Detroit back when the stadium first opened in 2002.

19 year old Aluminum Handrail at Ford Field

Need to improve the look of your property with Bollard Covers? Ideal Shield installed Pawn Decorative Bollard Covers outside of Comerica Park in Downtown Detroit back in the mid-2000’s. 

15 year old Decorative Bollard Covers

At Ideal Shield, longevity is key for the products and its people. The quality comes with experience and knowledge and Ideal Shield’s team is packed full of both. 

If you’re looking for a company that has been around the block and continues to improve, contact the experienced team here at Ideal Shield for more information on how we can take care of any of your projects!