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Don’t McGyver Your Sign Bases

Each and everyday, hardworking public servants and private employees have to haul around old, heavy, poorly constructed sign bases to help get their job done. For example, the police officer in the image below being forced to lug this heavy “sign” around to direct traffic.

Did MacGyver put that contraption together?



It’s time for employees, business owners and city leadership say “no more” to these heavy signs and make the move to the smart, portable choice. 

Portable sign bases should not be manufactured from the same thing that connects to the axles on your car. They should be lightweight, easy to move around, possibly even have wheels but not be made from them, and be able to stand up to high winds all at the same time. That’s the kind of portable sign bases we here at Ideal Shield have to offer.



It makes me wonder if the same MacGyver-Want-To-Be created this wonderful bucket sign system below?

No one can actually see the sign, but at least there’s a handy place to put your empty slushy cup before you get back in your car.



I think we’ll stick with our own bollard sign systems. No cup holder, but they sure do look nice and get the job done even better.


Don’t be a McGyver. Contact us today at Ideal Shield for more information on our heavy-duty sign base systems.