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Maintain Social Distancing & Protect Against Droplets with Stand Up Sneeze Guards

As the world begins to open up more and more, the need for protection from COVID-19 will continue. That includes schools, offices, restaurants, retail shops, warehouses, gyms and fitness centers, concert and sports venues, salons and spas, and pretty much anywhere else that people will gather. So, now is the time to be ahead of those openings and prepared to protect your employees and visitors with Stand Up Sneeze Guards

Ideal Shield's Aluminum Stand Up Sneeze Guard partition

Ideal Shield’s Aluminum Stand Up Sneeze Guard partition

Ideal Shield’s new Stand Up Sneeze Guards are pipe and plexiglass partitions that are designed to help protect your employees, visitors, and customers from harmful respiratory droplets while also maintaining proper social distancing. Made from 100% U.S. materials and manufactured in Detroit, Michigan, our Sneeze Guards are made to meet your needs. The partitions are available in free-standing and bolt-down installation options and can also be designed in custom heights and lengths to fit your protection requirements. 

Having proper protection around your business or facility is crucial, especially during the global pandemic. Our Stand Up Sneeze Guard partitions are essential safety barriers that will prevent people from projecting, coughing, or sneezing droplets towards other employees or customers. Place the partitions between desks, lunch tables, workspaces, retail counters, and as a barrier between customer lines to ensure more safety and protection for your people. 

Ideal Shield's Steel Pipe & Plastic Stand Up Sneeze Guard partition

Ideal Shield’s Steel Pipe & Plastic Stand Up Sneeze Guard partition

Unlike some competitor options on the market, our Sneeze Guards are made of our ultra-reliable Handrail systems including the Aluminum Handrail and our Steel Pipe & Plastic Handrail, giving you the option for a more sleek aluminum design or a brighter, standout safety partition. 

Looking to create safe areas around your cashier counter? Need to make sure the restaurant booths are properly protected and separated? Want to keep your shop workers safe from droplets? Contact our experienced sales team today to learn more about our new Stand Up Sneeze Guards, the perfect solution to shield against harmful droplets without obstructing views