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More Bang for Your Buck: Heavy Duty Guardrail Provides Strength, Reliability

Finding good deals on quality products is always a great feeling. That is especially true when those products are larger costs and/or important materials for your business. Like industrial guardrail, for example. Though there are plenty of pieces of high-quality protection equipment for a reasonable price out there, no one offers the mix of strength and reliability at a cost-effective price quite like Ideal Shield and its Heavy Duty Industrial Guardrail

Ideal Shield's Heavy Duty Industrial Guardrail

Ideal Shield’s Heavy Duty Industrial Guardrail

Made from schedule 40 and schedule 80 U.S. Steel, the Heavy-Duty Industrial Guardrail is engineered and designed to withstand multiple impacts from a full-sized 12,000 lbs. forklift at 8mph when cored in. That ability to receive the impact and distribute it evenly throughout the entire system is what separates this guardrail from the competitors and is what allows you, the customer, to install your new barriers up close to your critical assets to maintain maximum floor space. 

Sick of dealing with the maintenance of your guardrails and protection around the facility? Another perk of the Heavy Duty Guardrail, the steel pipe is sleeved in HDPE plastic that will eliminate the need to paint ever again. The plastic sleeving is available in Safety Yellow for high visibility or Gunmetal Gray to blend in and limit dust and debris marks. 

Ideal Shield offers multiple styles of this guardrail so you can choose the size that fits your needs. One-Line “low riders” for stopping truck tires to Two-Lines with vertical bars to protect from all hit points from the forklift. We even offer Swing Gates for temporary access areas. 

The Heavy Duty Guardrail is also available in multiple installation options including Base Plate for a quicker install, Core-In for a more secure and stronger install, and Removable for temporary guarding or access areas.  

Other Guardrail Options offered Ideal Shield includes Standard Guardrail for lighter forklift traffic areas, Rack System Guardrail for pallet racks and storage racks, Goal Post Guardrail for vertical protection on dock doors and freezer doors, Safety Wall Guardrail for large guarding areas like storage areas and foundation walls, as well as Highway Guardrail and In-Plant Guarding Options if you need a quicker solution. 

So, if you’re sick of downtime for maintenance and repairs and want the strongest piece of warehouse protection, get “more bang for your buck” by adding Ideal Shield’s Heavy Duty Industrial Guardrail to your place today.

For more information on our HD Guardrail or any of our other industrial guardrail product options, please contact our experienced and knowledgable sales team today.