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In Need of Curbside Pickup Signs? Ideal Shield Can Handle Full Corporate Rollouts

The curbside pickup industry continues to explode as more and more businesses are finding ways to get their products and services to their customers without having to enter their stores. But with that quick increase in demand comes the struggle for businesses to get the products necessary to roll out a successful program. 

One of the most important and hottest products necessary for a successful curbside program is proper signage. 

While some competitors are struggling with 3-4 month lead times for their sign systems, Ideal Shield has been a go-to source for both individual orders as well as large corporate rollouts over the last couple of years and has continued to meet the needs of our customers during the pandemic rush. 

Why is that? you might ask. 

Well, for one, experience matters. Ideal Shield has worked with some of the largest and most well-known companies in the country. From McDonald’s to Target, Lowe’s to Whole Foods, retail super giants trust Ideal to handle their large scale and time sensitive rollouts that have totaled tens of thousands of sign bases. 

Ideal Shield's Pyramid Sign Base Systems at Whole Food's

Ideal Shield’s Pyramid Sign Base Systems at Whole Food’s

Ideal Shield also prides itself in manufacturing high-quality, American-made products that are manufactured right here in the United States. Yes, that will cut down on shipping costs but that also means a product that will last.

The Pyramid Sign Base is the most popular sign system for curbside pickup programs on the market. Made from HDPE plastic and available with or without wheels for portability, the Sign Base is available in just about any color imaginable to meet branding needs. Match it up with the U.S. Steel Sign Post sleeved in HDPE plastic as well to really bring the sign system together. 

We’ve matched over 600 colors already including bold blues, outrageous oranges, unique greens, and everything in between. Custom decals are available as well for additional branding purposes. 

Ideal Shield's Pyramid Sign Base Systems at Lowe's

Ideal Shield’s Pyramid Sign Base Systems at Lowe’s

Quality products don’t just sell themselves, however. Ideal has a large sales team and dedicated shipping department that is committed to high-level customer service and reliability. There to answer any questions or concerns, doing whatever possible to make the rollout as easy on you as possible. 

Other advantages to working with Ideal

  • Manageable lead times 

  • Large manufacturing center in Detroit, Michigan 

  • Production capabilities to meet customer’s completion dates 

  • Ability to handle small shipments to individual locations 

  • Custom order forms for franchisees 

  • Minority-owned business 

So, whether you’re looking to roll out a nationwide curbside pickup program or just want to start off regionally, Ideal Shield can meet your needs for quality, color, volume, and customer service. 

Contact our experienced sales team today to learn more about our company, our Sign Systems, and corporate rollout capabilities.