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Need Highway Guardrail? Our Standard Guardrail is a Comparable Alternative

Looking for protective guarding for your parking lot, around your property, or within your facilities? Highway Guardrail is the most common form of guardrail you’ll find on the market and we here at Ideal Shield are one of the top sellers of the steel guarding system as we carry an extensive inventory of standard Class A 12 Gauge components including W-Beams, I-Beams, and Ends.

But what if you want a stronger, easier-to-install alternative?

Ideal Shield's Highway Guardrail

Ideal Shield’s Highway Guardrail

Our Standard Guardrail is a stronger, time-saving, and often cost-effective alternative to Highway Guardrail. It is constructed with schedule 40 and schedule 80 U.S. steel pipe for and sleeved in HDPE plastic which improves visibility for vehicles and employees while eliminating the need for painting and maintenance.

If strength and durability are what you’ll need, our Standard Guardrail is designed and tested to withstand multiple impacts ensuring people, machinery, and other critical assets are protected. 

Ideal Shield's One Line Base Plated Standard Guardrail

Ideal Shield’s 14 ¾” One-Line Base Plated Guardrail

Ideal Shield's 27" tall One-Line Standard Guardrail with white plastic sleeving

Ideal Shield’s 27″ tall One-Line Standard Guardrail with white plastic sleeving

Ideal Shield's Standard Industrial Guardrail used for parking protection

Ideal Shield’s Standard Industrial Guardrail with base plates installed outdoors for machinery parking protection

Ideal Shields Standard Guardrail is offered in varying heights and lengths to ensure you have exactly what you need for your impact protection. When comparing the material cost of Highway Guardrail with base-plated posts, Ideal Shield’s One-Line Standard Guardrail at 27” tall with base plates will cost less and have added benefits.

That includes the guardrail system being shipped fully assembled which gives you an easier and quicker installation, a maintenance-free design to cut down on costs, and an overall stronger system than Highway Guardrail. 

The Standard Guardrail is offered with either one-line or two-line horizontal rails; 4’ to 12’ long sections, and from 14 ¾” to 42” high. Installation options include base plates or core-in but if you have a unique need, let us know and we’ll try to work with your installation preference. 


So, if you’re looking to add some new guardrail to prevent or deter access to temporary, off-limit, or dangerous areas while allowing airflow and light in, contact our experienced sales team today. Whether it’s Highway Guardrail, our Standard Guardrail, or something even bigger and stronger, we have the industrial guarding options to help you save on the protection needs with your next project.