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New Camera Sign Base Systems Help Improve Griffin Claw Brewery’s Curbside Pickup

When the world changed this past spring because of the COVID-19 pandemic, curbside pickup became the go-to option and, for a lot of businesses, the only option to sell their products to consumers. Restaurants had delivery drivers while convenience stores were allowed to remain open. But what about breweries? More than “just beer”, one of Michigan’s top breweries saw the chance to keep its taprooms moving forward by embracing and improving its curbside pickup program. 

Griffin Claw Brewing Company in Birmingham, Michigan is the creator of several well-known beers including Mr. Blue Sky Wheat, Pilsner by Default, and former World Beer Cup medalist, Norm’s Raggedy Ass IPA. But more than just a successful brewery, Griffin Claw’s taprooms feature a vast menu of delicious items that have become favorites to the local communities. So much so that even a global pandemic wasn’t going to stop the cravings. 

The popular brewery has multiple locations in Michigan, one of which features a layout not quite ideal for curbside pickup. With the retail counter blocked from directly seeing the designated parking spaces, the staff had to either wait for a phone call from the customer or continuously get up to check the parking spots. It wasn’t the most productive setup. 

So, they decided to upgrade the Griffin Claw curbside pickup program

First step was to improve the look of the program by adding standout signage for its designated parking spots. Griffin Claw went with Ideal Shield’s Pyramid Sign Bases in forest green with black signposts, custom green and cream curbside pickup signs, and custom decals to really set its appearance apart. 

Ideal Shield's Curbside Pickup Pyramid Sign Bases at Griffin Claw Brewery

Ideal Shield’s Curbside Pickup Pyramid Sign Bases at Griffin Claw Brewery

But to take its curbside program and productivity to another level, Griffin Claw worked with Ideal Shield to test its new Camera Sign Base System out, which went off without a hitch. 

We spoke with Griffin Claw’s Marketing Director, Chris Lasher, about the new Camera Sign Base Systems and how they’ve worked so far. 

“Installation was incredibly easy. The camera had a small learning curve to learn the technology but very simple (to use).”, Lasher said. “The camera is great just for awareness of someone waiting and how long they are waiting to be served to ensure prompt and quality carry out service.” 

Ideal Shield's Camera Sign Base Systems for Griffin Claw Brewery's curbside pickup program

Ideal Shield’s Camera Sign Base Systems for Griffin Claw Brewery’s curbside pickup program

With the upgraded curbside pickup program, Griffin Claw continues to see plenty of customers stopping by to pick up delicious food and beer while the pandemic rolls along. The main word there being “see”. 

Here at Ideal Shield we offer the top curbside pickup sign base system on the market and have now made it even better with the camera attachment. For more information on our Sign Base Systems, Camera Sign Base Systems, or camera capabilities, make sure to contact our experienced sales team today.