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New Machinery Investments Improve Production Capabilities & Eco-Friendliness

Whether it’s rewards for employees or purchasing new equipment, Ideal Shield makes investing back into the company a top priority. Over the last year, Ideal Shield has purchased and installed multiple new machines throughout its facilities to improve the production process from beginning to end and company’s overall eco-friendliness. 

Ideal Shield recently brought in two new saws to make sure the production team is able to quickly and efficiently cut pipe and plastic alike. This will cut down on the production time around Bollards and Bollard Covers, allowing the team members to focus on upcoming orders and stock needs. 

Speaking of improving production levels, the company also invested in a new CNC plasma torch. The new torch allows the shop to create custom end cuts and shapes into both round pipe and square tubing, which expands the capabilities to help meet more customer needs. This new torch can also be used to etch logos or identification sequences into those products.

Ideal Shield’s Plasma Cutter

All Ideal Shield pallet orders must be shrink wrapped to ensure stability and quality during shipping. This used to be a manual job so the team decided to automate it a bit by upgrading the shop with a new plastic pallet wrapper. Gone are the days of a production member circling pallets with rolls of wrap, doing it all by hand. This wrapper saves the team valuable time and keeps production members producing.

Investing into more eco-friendly tools and vehicles is important as well. Ideal Shield wanted to cut down on its emission output so the team purchased new electric forklifts to meet those needs and to continue to foster safe working conditions for the production staff. 

Ideal Shield’s Plastic Granulator 

As a company that sells plastic products, Ideal Shield is consistently looking for ways to be mindful of waste and excess plastic. Recycling has been the main source to keep the green thumb but recycling large Bollard Covers or scraps of plastic can be difficult because of the wasted space in the shipments to the recycling center. So, Ideal Shield found a way to eliminate the wasted space and take its plastic recycling to another level by installing a new in-house plastic granulator. 

Whether it’s from the left over pieces of Bollard Covers or Guardrail plastic that is cut off to meet height or length requirements (a free service from Ideal Shield) or damaged Bollard Covers are replaced and need to be scrapped, the plastic granulator grinds up any extra plastic to allow the team to fit hundreds of pounds of plastic pieces and microplastics into one box and ship it straight to the recycling center for re-processing. 

By continuing to invest in infrastructure and its people, Ideal Shield remains committed to offering top of the line service, the largest selection of colors, the biggest range of customizability, and the best value possible in the facility maintenance and protection industry. 

For more information on Ideal Shield’s capabilities, please contact our experience sales and customer service team, today!