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New to Ideal: 8″ Decorative Bollard Covers

Here at Ideal Shield, we’re consistently evolving and adapting to meet the needs of our customers to deliver the best product line in the Facility Maintenance & Protection industry. And we’re back with another new product to add to our catalog to make sure you, the customer, is covered for all of your projects. 

After years of only offering 6″ and 10″ diameter Decorative Bollard Covers, we have now created two 8″ diameter Decorative Bollard Cover options to sleeve 8″ bollards.

Meet the new 8″ Skyline Decorative Bollard Cover and 8″ Metro Decorative Bollard Cover: 

Ideal Shield's 8" Decorative Bollard Covers


If you’re purchasing our fast-selling K4/M30 Crash Bollards, the new 8″ Decorative Covers will pair perfectly. The plastic decorative design will save thousands compared to stainless steel covers or going full cast iron bollards. But not only will there be savings on the material, the 8″ Decorative Covers will eliminate the need for painting and can be made in any color imaginable to meet branding needs or aesthetic needs. 

Don’t worry about oversized sleeves or sleeving 8″ bollards with just standard Bollard Covers. Add a little style to your protection pipes by adding the 8″ Metro Decorative Covers or 8″ Skyline Decorative Covers to your bollards. 

Contact our experienced and knowledgeable sales team today to get a quick quote today on our new 8″ Decorative Covers as well as our other Bollard Cover options, which are available in every size from 3″ to 12″.