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New to Ideal Shield: The Bounce Back Bollard

Ideal Shield prides itself on meeting the needs of its customers. Whether it’s adjusting a current product or creating a new product, like we like to say, “we’ve got you covered”. And that is where our newest addition to the product line came from. 

Listening to our customers, our team kept hearing about the need for a cost-effective bollard that flexes upon impact and immediately returns to form. So, our engineering, sales, and fabrication team came together to create the newest rebound bollard on the market; meet the Bounce Back Bollard

Bounce Back Bollard Product Feature from Ideal Shield on Vimeo.

The Bounce Back Bollard features a specially designed rubber flex system and a 6″ schedule 40 steel pipe bollard. Designed to stop a 10,000 lbs. forklift at 5 mph, the Bounce Back Bollard offers strength and resistance that will give forklift and hi-lo operators a warning and chance to react upon impact, which will help limit potential damage to both the forklift and driver. The deflection (up to 18 degrees) will allow the driver to course correct but will also limit excessive damage to the flooring as the anchors will not stress and break off like most standard base plate bollards. 

Looking for a rebound bollard with a simple installation? Look no further. The Bounce Back Bollard is a favorite for any maintenance worker as the bollard can be fully installed and ready for impact in a matter of minutes. Check out the installation instructions for more information. 

Another feature of the Bounce Back Bollard that beats the competition, the addition of the Ideal Shield Bollard Cover. Eliminate the need to paint while maintaining a bright and visible bollard to keep forklift operators and other workers aware. 

There are plenty of flexible bollard options on the market but there isn’t an option that can match the strength, application, and price point that the Bounce Back Bollard can. 

For more information, contact our experienced sales and engineering team today to learn all about our new rebound bollard as well as the rest of our bollard capabilities.