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Not All Guardrail is Created Equally

As someone who has one foot in the marketing world and one in sales, I know what customers want when it comes to safety products. Whether contractor, architect, or end user, most people believe they need heavy duty industrial guardrail because they want the ultimate protection.

If they were to call our competitors that may be the case, but even our standard guardrail is stronger than the average heavy duty guardrail. Ideal Shield manufactures the strongest steel guardrail on the market. That is not a catchy slogan to draw people in, it’s a fact. We design our products to do the job they are built to do.

Have a look: 

Notice how Ideal Shield’s guardrail can be installed just inches away from the object being protected. It accepts repeated hits without compromising its integrity. Keep watching… you’ll see the competitor’s guardrail bend significantly after just one impact, and completely buckle and give way on the second hit. I don’t know about you, but that’s not something I’d feel comfortable using to protect my most valuable equipment.

Did you also see how easy it is to remove Ideal Shield’s core and drop guardrail? It really is that simple.

Core. Drop. Remove. Drop in again. Over and over, as often as you like. It doesn’t get any easier than that.

For more information on the industry’s strongest guardrail, contact Ideal Shield today at 866-825-8659.