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Pipe Too Small? Steel Inserts Will Improve Bollard Cover Fit

Finding the perfect fit can be difficult. Too tight in some areas, too wide in others. Too long or just too short. It can be a pain. And we’re not even talking about your clothing. It’s the fit of a Bollard Cover that can be difficult when you look at all of the different sizes of Covers on the market and pipes that have been installed all around the country. 

As the Original Bollard Cover company, we here at Ideal Shield offer more Bollard Cover styles and sizes than anyone on the market. That means we’ve seen it all when it comes to pipe sizes and fits. 

With so many different pipe sizes out there and our wide range of Bollard Covers coming in specific sizes, we developed a Steel Insert to help get your smaller pipe to fit that beautiful Bollard Cover you had your eye on. 

Ideal Shield's Steel Insert for Bollard Covers

Ideal Shield’s Steel Insert for Bollard Covers

Made from U.S. Steel plates and rebar, the Steel Insert is custom-designed to fill the gap between your larger bollard cover and the smaller pipe you may be trying to set it over, allowing for the appearance of a larger pipe without the expense.

Need to fit a 6″ Bollard Cover over your 3″ or 4″ pipe? Need to fit a 10″ Bollard Cover over a 6″ or 8″ pipe? Have an oddly sized pipe that you need some help covering? No worries. We’ve got you covered. 

Overhead view of Ideal Shield's Steel Insert inside a Bollard Cover

Overhead view of Ideal Shield’s Steel Insert inside a Bollard Cover

Don’t limit your buying options. Add the Dome Top, Flat Top, or Decorative Bollard Cover that you want no matter the size of your current pipe situation. 

In need of new pipe at your property? We have you covered there as well as we pride ourselves in our expansive stock of U.S. steel pipe bollards and bollard options, including Collapsible Bollards and Removable Bollard options. 

For more information on our Steel Inserts for Bollard Covers, our industry-leading selection of Bollard Cover options, or any of our Steel Pipe Bollard options, please contact our experienced and knowledgable sales team today.