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Prevent Storefront Crashes with the C40 Traffic Impact Bollard

Storefront crashes continue to be an epidemic across the United States as there are reportedly 100 car crashes into builders per day in this country, per the Storefront Safety Council

That is why we here at Ideal Shield wanted to come up with a cost-effective storefront safety solution that could meet the needs of any business or building. And we did just that as we introduced the world to the crash rated C40 Traffic Impact Bollard in 2019. 

Designed and engineered to stop a vehicle weighing 5000 lbs. at 30 mph and independently tested (with a real car with an engine block) to stop a 2430 lbs. vehicle at 42.6 mph dead in its tracks, the C40 Bollard cannot be touched when it comes to the price point and strength. If you don’t believe us, do some price and rating comparisons with S10, S20 and S30 bollards on the market. 

The C40 can blend in to your environment while still doing its job, or stand out and be a statement piece to the front of your business, as a single properly installed single standalone bollard meets the C40 P1 Standard. That means you won’t need a line of tied together bollards every two feet to stop a vehicle. Less installation costs means even more savings. 

But don’t just take our word for it. Check out this story about a homeowner who repeatedly had collisions through a protective landscaping wall at the corner of an intersection, which caused $40,000 in damage to their home and property. They ended up installing several C40 Bollards in front of their home and were immediately validated in that decision as the new bollards stopped a drunk driver from causing more damage to their home. 

Ideal Shield's C40 Bollards after a car crash

Ideal Shield’s C40 Bollards following a drunk driving accident outside of a residential home. 

Ideal Shield's Crash Tested C40 Bollard

Ideal Shield’s independent crash testing of the C40 Traffic Impact Bollard. 

Storefront crashes are no joke. Property is damaged, businesses are closed, and lives can be lost. If you’re looking to stop these accidents in their tracks, contact our experienced and knowledgeable Ideal Shield Sales Team today to learn about the C40 Bollard as well as our even stronger Crash Rated Bollard options