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Protect Against Storefront Crashes with the New ASTM C40 Traffic Impact Bollard

You’ve seen the statistics. Nearly 3,600+ injuries and 500 deaths per year. Storefront crashes have been an epidemic for a long time now. So much so that there will likely be multiple accidents and incidents around the country before you’re finished reading this article. Pretty scary to think about, huh? It’s especially scary when you think about how many stores, businesses, and other locations you frequent that have a storefront parking lot or road. You’re basically a sitting duck for a pedal error or mistake to take place. 

And they wonder why people are shopping online more and more. 

So, what can businesses do to get you back in the building and make you feel more comfortable and safe while shopping in their stores? 

Ideal Shield has just the thing: The New Storefront Crash Protection specific ASTM C40 Traffic Impact Bollards.

As a collaboration between Ideal Shield and Barrier1 Systems, the ASTM C40 Traffic Impact Bollard was created as a cost-effective barrier solution to protect business storefronts and pedestrian-friendly areas from accidents and incidents.

In an independent crash test done, the Traffic Impact Bollard met the ASTM C40 P1 Standard. The test also proved that the Impact Bollard is properly engineered to meet ASTM F2656 storefront requirements, as one properly installed single standalone bollard is designed to stop a 5,000 lbs. vehicle at 30 mph impact. This meets or exceeds S10, S20, and S30 standards.

Ideal Shield's independently crash tested ASTM C40 Traffic Impact Bollard

Ideal Shield’s independently crash tested ASTM C40 Traffic Impact Bollard

The strength and stopping ability of the C40 Impact Bollard is a glowing feature but this bollard has plenty of features. That includes an easy installation process that you normally don’t get with most impact bollards. Installation can be with turns and across grade elevation changes as you simply set a single prefabricated bollard in the excavation and pour the concrete. No rebar is necessary in the foundation. Neither is tying, bolting, welding, assembly, or specialty subgrade. 

Not to mention, one properly installed, single standalone bollard has bi-directional stopping capability and meets the F2656 storefront crash rating requirements. 

The Impact Bollard is also available in a removable option to create temporary access areas for medical, police, fire, or construction vehicles to gain access while still protecting people and property. And don’t forget to top the Impact Bollards off with any of the appropriate sized Ideal Shield Bollard Cover options, all of which can be customized with colors and decals to meet your exact branding needs. 

If you’re a small business owner or facility maintenance manager that is looking to improve the protection of your storefronts and properties, contact Ideal Shield’s knowledgeable sales team today to learn all about the new, independently crash tested ASTM C40 Traffic Impact Bollards.