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Guard Critical Assets from Forklifts with the Industry’s Strongest Guardrail

Protection and safety in any workshop, facility or warehouse are critical. If workers and other critical assets aren’t protected from potential injuries or damage, it can end up costing the business a lot more than you could even imagine.

If you’re looking to protect your critical assets properly, Ideal Shield’s Industrial Guardrail is the perfect solution.

Designed with you in mind, Ideal Shield’s Industrial Guardrail options can fit any specific need in a warehouse or facility: 

Standard Guardrail 

Ideal Shield standard facility guardrail

Ideal Shield’s One-Line Standard Industrial Guardrail protecting machinery 

Built with 4″ schedule 40 steel pipe rails & 2 ½” schedule 80 steel pipe posts, Ideal Shield’s Standard Guardrail is available in both one or two line rails options. The Guardrail is also sleeved in a durable HDPE plastic, which means no more painting, saving time and money. And don’t worry about damage from accidents, not only can the guardrail be “re-sleeved”, the entire system is designed to withstand multiple impacts from a 12,000lb forklift traveling 4 mph.

Heavy-Duty Guardrail 

Ideal Shield Heavy Duty Industrial Guardrail

Ideal Shield’s Two-Line Heavy Duty Industrial Guardrail with base plates 

The heavier, stronger of Ideal Shield’s one and two-line guardrail systems, the Heavy-Duty Industrial Guardrail is built with 6″ schedule 40 steel pipe  & 4” schedule 80 steel pipe posts and is designed to withstand multiple impacts from a 12,000lb forklift traveling 8 mph. If you’re looking for the top of the line protection in the most critical places, this is the right fit. Not only will you save on painting and maintenance but the design itself will distribute the shock upon impact throughout the entire section, resulting in zero deflection to maximize floor space and limit potential damage as much as possible.

Safety Wall Guard 

Ideal Shield's Safety Wall Guard System

Ideal Shield’s Safety Wall Guard System

Looking for ultimate protection in the shop? Ideal Shield’s Safety Wall Guard can be custom designed to fit your exact protection needs. Need a floor to ceiling guardrail system? Done. Need a vertical guardrail system with posts specifically placed to keep pallets on the racks? Done. Go high, go long, add infill panels, add custom logos. It’s designed with your business and safety needs in mind. 

Rack System Guardrails 

Speaking of pallet rack protection, Ideal Shield’s Rack System Guardrails can keep your forklift drivers honest by protecting one of the most vulnerable spots in the entire facility: the pallet rack posts. Those vertical framing posts are strong and sturdy enough to hold the weight of your parts and products but one sharp turn or pedal mistake from a forklift driver and you could have a gigantic problem on your hands.

Available to be installed in Base Plate or Core & Drop options, the rack system guardrail can withstand multiple collisions with a 12,000lb forklift, whether it’s a one or two-line system. Because while we all trust our forklift drivers, accidents can happen and they can be costly. 

Dock Door Goal Posts 

Forklift protection is the main theme here and one of the most popular areas for accidents happens right up front. If your dock doors are buzzing with deliveries, pickups, and action throughout the day, keeping these overhead doors protected is critical. Whether it’s a climate controlled facility, cold storage facility, or a facility in a warmer or colder part of the country, making sure these doors and their tracks aren’t damaged will keep your operations flowing smoothly. But one bad accident and problems arise.

That’s where Ideal Shield’s Dock Door Protectors come into play. Made of 6” steel posts and 4” schedule 40 steel pipe crossbar, the upright guardrail arrives in three sections for quick installation, saving you time and money while protecting another critical asset. 

From hospital bills to machinery mechanic bills, one mistake from a forklift can be devastating for your facility, business, and people. So, before it’s too late and you’re making a reactive move, contact Ideal Shield and make the proactive move to add the industry’s strongest industrial guardrail options to your warehouse, factory, workshop, or plant today!