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Protect Employees & Equipment from Overhead Falls with Safety Wall Guards

“Heads up!”, “Look out!”, “Get Out of the Way!”. Three sayings that you never want to hear in a warehouse because that means trouble is coming and it may be too late to dodge the danger. Unfortunately, this is something that happens more often than you’d like to think in warehouses all over the country because of poor or ineffective guarding solutions. That is why we here at Ideal Shield believe it’s crucial for any warehouse that deals with floor-stacking, block-stacking, or extended-stacking loads on pallet racks to install overhead Wall Guards, also known as Topple Barriers

Ideal Shield’s Safety Wall Guard System is unmatched in the industry. While others may be wildly expensive, Ideal’s Wall Guard gets the job done without breaking the bank. 

Do you want your stacked loads to be secure with American-made steel and caging? Ideal Shield has you covered. 

Do you want your Wall Guard to be able to withstand accidental forklift impacts? Ideal Shield has you covered. 

Do you need your Wall Guard to be extended vertically and horizontally? Ideal Shield has you covered. 

Ideal Shield's Topple Barrier Wall Guard

Ideal Shield’s Topple Barrier is designed for extended floor stacking.

Ideal Shield’s Wall Guard is made from 6″ and 4″ schedule 40 U.S. steel pipe, and sleeved in HDPE plastic to keep maintenance costs down while keeping the barrier as visible as possible. The Wall Guard is also available to meet your facility’s dimensions and protection needs without drastic changes to the facility. The open air design means no HVAC changes while the base plate option means no coring into the facility floors (core-in also available). 

If you want to stack paint vats, printing paper rolls, or material pallets, the Wall Guard can handle any need with custom dimensions and reliable infill paneling while not giving up any floor space for flexibility. 

Ideal Shield's Topple Barrier Wall Guard

Ideal Shield’s Topple Barrier with steel infill panels.

No matter what you’re stacking up high, having the proper protection and guarding system in place will keep your employees safe and equipment protected. Because, remember, even a ream of paper can become deadly when falling from an extended height. 

There are other Topple Barrier options on the market but if you’re looking for the best price and strength solution, there is no comparison. 

For more information on Ideal Shield’s Wall Guard, please contact our experienced sales team today and ask about the simple general contractor installation process or referrals from previous customers, including some of the world’s largest automotive manufacturers. You can also discuss your facility’s needs with our knowledgeable engineering team who will create pre-approved drawings.