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Protect Expensive Machinery with Security Cribbing Enclosures

Facility and operational machinery is expensive. There’s no punchline to that. It’s some of the most expensive items any business will purchase so it’s critical to protect it properly. While there are several different solutions for protecting machinery from forklifts, material falls, and other potential accidents, if you’re looking to protect the machinery 360°, there may not be a better solution than a security cribbing enclosure. 

And whataya know, we here at Ideal Shield offer that facility safety solution as well. 

Our Wire Mesh Security Cribbing is constructed with 100% American Made 10 gauge steel wire woven into 1.5″ diamond mesh and then clinched into frames and bolted together to create partitions. This will ensure you will never have to worry about finding the right fit or size as the Security Cribbing walls are stacked to your desired height to fit in your specific robots or machines.

Because of the partition style cribbing, it has a low cost and requires almost no maintenance, so the savings keep coming even years after installation.


Speaking of installation, with no special tools required or equipment necessary,  you will be able to save on that as well. 

Looking to lockup your machinery or make it more accessible? The doors that enclose the cage have a variety of options to better suit your space including swinging doors, sliding doors and locking systems. Talk with your Ideal Shield Sales Rep to see which door option is the best for you and your space. 

Ideal Shield's Security Cribbing Enclosure for Machinery Protection

Ideal Shield’s Security Cribbing Enclosure for Machinery Protection

Manufacturing and material handling machinery is insanely expensive. Don’t just leave it out to dry in your facility. Fully enclose it with Wire Mesh Security Cribbing by contacting the Ideal Shield sales team today to learn more about our machinery protection solutions.