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Protect Limited Access Areas with Removable Locking Bollards

From storefronts to alleyways, bike paths to parking lots, temporary or limited access areas are necessary around businesses and properties. Most of these places are pedestrian-friendly areas or worker-friendly areas that need protection for the majority of the time but still need to allow access to vehicles as well. Strong, reliable protection that can be removed is needed and our Removable Bollards are the ideal fit. 

Our Removable Locking Bollards are made from 100% American-made steel and are fabricated right here in the United States. Available in multiple sizes and two different levels of protection, you can protect your property or access areas with the standard Removable Locking Bollards or our C40 Traffic Impact Bollards

Ideal Shield's Removable Locking Bollards

Ideal Shield’s Removable Locking Bollards

If you’re looking for a standard bollard that will deter and protect, the standard Removable Locking Bollard should do the trick. However, if you’re looking for storefront or crowd safety bollards, the C40 Traffic Impact Bollards are engineered and designed to stop a 5,000 lbs. vehicle at 30 mph impact with less than 24″ of vehicle penetration, which makes it equal to or greater than the S10, S20 and S30 standards. 

To improve the look of the Removable Bollards, we include a 1/8″ HDPE Plastic Bollard Cover in your choice of our standard colors. We can also sleeve the bollard in any of our other applicable 4″ or 6″ Bollard Cover options which include Dome Top, Flat Top, Reflective, and Decorative cover options

Whether you’re dealing with frequent or limited access areas that are in need of something better to keep it protected yet accessible, contact our experienced sales team today to learn more about our Removable Bollards and see which option will fit your needs best.