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Protect Overhead Conveyor Belts with Goal Post Guardrail

The conveyor belt was first invented back in 1908 and hit the mainstream in 1913 once Ford Motor Company began incorporating the systems into its famous assembly lines in Detroit. Since then, keeping these crucial pieces of machinery safe and operational has been paramount for the countless businesses and facilities around the country. Because, if a conveyor belt goes down, that means downtime and that is something every boss and facility manager hates to hear. 

Unplanned downtime is any period of time that a facility output is stopped due to equipment failure or other unseen events. That means delays on manufacturing, production schedules, order deliveries, and much more. Those delays will then be a hit on those businesses as they are consistently trying to hit their quotas for each month, quarter, and year. But it also means an increase in potential personnel injuries and emergency repairs. 

Ford Motor Company assembly line in early 1900's. Photo credit: Ford Motor Co/AssemblyMag.com

Ford Motor Company assembly line in early 1900’s. Photo credit: Ford Motor Co/AssemblyMag.com

Conveyor belts have seen a ton of technological advancements over the last 100+ years including the guard rail systems in place. It was once quite simple with steel piping for protection back in the 1900’s to meet basic safety standards but as the conveyors advanced, the protection did too. Today, each component of a conveyor belt can be guarded with a specific piece of guardrail or safety railing or caging. 

But what about overhead conveyor belts? This is a form of guarding that you don’t see quite often as there weren’t a ton of reliable options on the market for overhead conveyor belt protection. That was until Ideal Shield designed the Goal Post Guardrail

The Goal Post Guardrail has been on the market for several years now but it’s applications just continue to multiply. From being solely designed for dock doors and other overhead/speed door protection, the Goal Post Guardrail is also the premier overhead conveyor belt guarding option. 

Ideal Shield's Goal Post Guardrail used for overhead conveyor belt protection

Ideal Shield’s Goal Post Guardrail used for overhead conveyor belt protection

Made from 6” steel posts and 4” schedule 40 steel pipe crossbar, the Goal Post Guardrail arrives in three sections for quick installation at any location. Keep maintenance costs low with no welding, sanding, or painting required. The system is designed to withstand multiple impacts from full sized forklifts, keeping your critical asset protected from untimely repair costs and your facility operating at full capacity. 

From the shipping and logistics industry to warehousing and manufacturing, conveyor belts are one of the most important pieces of machinery in any facility. Fixing or replacing busted conveyor belts can cost thousands and thousands of dollars. Don’t risk it. Keep forklifts from hitting any overhead components and keep your facility’s conveyor belts running smooth. 

For more information on Ideal Shield’s Goal Post Guardrail or other industrial guardrail options for conveyor belt protection, machine guarding, or overhead door protection, contact our experienced sales team today!