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Protect Park Trails and Bike Paths with Removable Bollards

Did you know that United States National Parks recorded 312 million recreational visits in 2022? That is an increase of 15 million visitors compared to 2021 and 75 million visitors compared to 2020. The trend is clear. Park visits have steadily risen over the last few years, and that trend isn’t slowing down. That also means the need for more protection for those visitors. 

One of the most populated areas at any public park is the walking trails and biking paths, as 38% of visitors hit the recreational parks and trails each year. This makes sense when you realize that U.S. public parks have nearly 19,000 miles of bike paths. When you compare it with the distance around the entire earth (24,900 miles), it is a ridiculous amount of trail way in need of protection as park rangers and management services try to keep vehicles from trespassing onto said bike paths.

The most effective and practical piece of protection for bike paths: Removable Locking Bollards

Ideal Shield's Removable Locking Bollards at park bike trail

Ideal Shield’s Removable Locking Bollards on park biking path.

Removable Locking Bollards are exactly what the name implies. Steel bollards that are locked into place but can be removed for emergency vehicles to access the area. Simple as that. However, finding high quality Removable Bollards that will deter potential trespassers is not as simple. There are plenty of companies that sell Removable Bollards that will struggle to withstand a motorized scooter let alone a car or truck. 

That is where Ideal Shield has you covered. 

The Ideal Shield Removable Locking Bollards are available in standard and crash rated options that will help keep potential motorists from avoiding park paths altogether. 

Available in 4″ or 6″ diameters, the standard Removable Locking Bollard is a 60″ tall schedule 40 steel pipe (18″ in ground, 42″ above ground) that includes a floor sleeve . The Removable Bollard also includes a 1/8″ Bollard Cover of your color choosing to give your new bollard a bright look. Go with a safety yellow for more visibility or a forest green to really enhance the natural side of things. 

Ideal Shield's Removable Locking Bollard at park trail

Ideal Shield’s Removable Locking Bollard at Gezon Park trail.

If you’re looking for a Removable Bollard that will make sure vehicles do not enter the path, the C40 Removable Bollard is designed to withstand a vehicle at 30 mph. That will really drive home the point of “No Entry”. 

Ideal Shield is your one-stop shop for all bollard needs. Whether it’s Removable Bollards and Collapsible Bollards for bike paths or Safety Bollards and Crash Rated Bollards for parking lot or visitor center needs, we’ve got you covered! 

Contact Ideal Shield today to learn more about the bollard options that may fit your park or recreational center perfectly.