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Protecting More Than Just Their Store Front!

Our East Coast Sales Manager recently went on a sales call with one of our valued Dealers to visit with BJ’s Wholesale. Discussions lead to a problem they were having with the need to safely protect their pricey refrigerated and freezer display cases, and it needed to be trip hazard free in a heavy foot traffic retail environment. After looking at all options, the hidden base plate bollard was the ideal product to meet their needs. The bolt-down, hidden base plate made it easy to install and eliminated any trip hazards. Like all Ideal Shield products it’s a maintenace-free product, Never Paint Again!

Selling Points:

  • Eliminates trip hazards
  • Ideal for foot & cart traffic
  • Smaller profile
  • Available in any height
  • Easy installation – only 3 bolts needed
  • Available in any color to meet branding needs
  • Application most suitable for retail setting – protects expensive equipment, displays, racks, & cases
  • Aesthetically pleasing
  • Cost effective