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Shield Spotlight: US Bank Stadium’s Sign Bases

Ideal Shield’s Portable Pyramid Sign Bases are a renovated way to safeguard your parking lot and increase visibility for curbside pickup or mobile ordering service parking spots and signage.

Made from HDPE plastic, available in a wide array of colors and available in both portable and permanent installations, this cost-effective, reliable product will make a lasting first impression.

Ideal Shield's black plastic Pyramid Sign Bases at US Bank Stadium

Ideal Shield’s black plastic Pyramid Sign Bases at US Bank Stadium

Our pyramid sign bases are suited for a wide array of uses, including:

Curbside pickup services (mobile ordering, drive-thru windows, carryout restaurants)

Parking lots (handicap accessible, designated spots)

Crosswalks (schools, streets , parking lots)

Police, fire and other emergency personnel situations

Parks and campus signage 

Construction sites

Temporary parking zones

Available with or without wheels, Ideal Shield’s lightweight, durable Pyramid Sign Base design not only reduces shipping costs and is easily portable but it also creates a maintenance-free product.


First and foremost, we have loved the bases. They have gone through the various states of weather that Minnesota has to offer and they are withstanding the weather and doing a great job for us. At this time, we have all of our needs, however, after the Super Bowl and when we head into our spring events we could be looking to purchasing additional signs. ” – Representative from US Bank Stadium, home of the Minnesota Vikings and Super Bowl 52. 

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