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Removable Locking Bollards Offer Strength, Versatility to Temporary Access Areas

Installing protective bollards is becoming more and more common. Whether it’s for storefront protection, alleyway protection, bike path protection, or any other use, bollards are the simple but effective barrier that can be installed quickly and last a very long time. 

But what if you don’t want the bollard to be installed for a long time? 

A lot of businesses, facilities, and public spaces are looking for more of a temporary barrier that can still protect when in place. Cones and temporary fencing won’t secure an area or deter a potential threat. That is why we suggest going with our Removable Locking Bollards.

Ideal Shield's Removable Locking Bollards lining a parking lot

Ideal Shield’s Removable Locking Bollards lining a parking lot

Ideal Shield's Removable Locking Bollards used for alleyway protection.

Ideal Shield’s Removable Locking Bollards used for alleyway protection.

Designed to create an adjustable security barrier, the Removable Locking Bollard is made from 4″ or 6″ schedule 40 steel pipe and a 5″ square floor sleeve that goes 18″ into the ground. It also includes a self-closing lid to ensure pedestrian safety after removal as well as any of our Standard Bollard Covers or Decorative Bollard Covers, which are available in any color and can be customized with decals to fit any branding needs. 

The removable bollard is something that may not have the same protective qualities as a fully installed steel pipe bollard but, like with most bollards, the protection is more in the deter ability. The look of bollard pipes alone can deter potential threats from ever taking place, and even if an accident happens, the bollards are still there as a security barrier. 

Quick Features:

– Easy to install and remove

– Self-closing hinged lid ensures pedestrian safety

– Ideal for areas requiring temporary vehicle access

– Perfect for emergency and authorized vehicle entrances

– Pipe finishes include raw or galvanized

– Bollard covers available in any color

– Mold-in or Vinyl decal graphics option

– 4″ and 6″ in-stock and ready to ship 

– Custom configurations available at 3-4 week lead time

Looking to install Removable Locking Bollards to create a temporary barrier for pedestrian-friendly areas or vehicle entrances? Contact us today at Ideal Shield for more information on our removable bollards as well as our wide array of facility protection equipment.