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Retrofit Your Existing Entry Way & Overhead Door Protection

Are your current bollards not giving your entry ways the protection you truly need? Instead of spending to have the bollards fully removed and a new full Goal Post being installed with concrete work, Ideal Shield has created a new Retrofit Goal Post that will save you big money on removal and installation costs while providing you with the best protection available. 

The Retrofit Goal Post is for customers that are not looking to remove existing bollards and do added concrete work around dock doors but still would like to extend their protection vertically and horizontally to protect the entry ways and overhead door components. That includes the track guard and the operating mechanisms. 

Cold Storage facility freezer door bollards

Freezer door bollards at cold storage facility before retrofitting. 

While the full Goal Post Guardrail is the Ideal solution, the new Retrofit Goal Post system will be custom designed to slide perfectly over the existing bollards and create a full Goal Post system. The vertical steel posts will be cut to meet the height of the existing bollards and extend off of said bollards to the height requirement needed where a rail will be to protect horizontally. All the posts are sleeved in HDPE plastic so you’ll never have to paint again.  

Now, to meet the criteria for the Retrofit Goal Post, the existing bollards MUST be plumb as well being vertically installed and non-damaged. Otherwise, you will need to look into completely removing the bollards and installing a full Goal Post Guardrail system

Ideal Shield's Goal Post Guardrail at Cold Storage Facility

Ideal Shield’s Goal Post Guardrail at Cold Storage Facility.

If you have existing bollards at an entryway or dock door that has been damaged by forklift accidents and you’re ready for better protection to keep production moving along, contact the Ideal Shield team today. Our knowledgeable sales and engineering team will work with you to get the right measurements and proper overhead door protection.