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Save the Scares for Halloween: How to Protect from Forklift Accidents

Spooky season is officially in full swing, and for facility managers and safety personnel, the only thing scarier than ghosts and horror movies is on-site accidents and incidents. The workplace can quickly turn into a nightmare when forklift accidents or dangerous falls take place due to improper protection for equipment, machinery and assets. 

Forklifts are indispensable in industrial environments; but if they’re not safely operated, the consequences are too real. Shop accidents like tip-overs, collisions with other forklifts and pedestrians can cause injuries and even fatalities that unfortunately happen too often. Luckily, Ideal Shield offers the best Industrial Guardrail solutions on the market to combat forklift accidents head-on, so managers will be able to sleep a little easier at night.

Ideal Shield’s line of Guardrail solutions are durable, reliable, and help visually create a safe zone for workers with its safety yellow plastic sleeving. 

While most competitor’s options are pretty simple, the Ideal Shield Guardrails are available in several different styles and applications to meet any specific guarding need including standard straight runs of protection, pallet rack protection, edge protection, and even vertical protection for overhead doors or storage stacking areas. 

Standard Guardrail

Ideal Shield's Standard Guardrail used for walkway protection

Ideal Shield’s Standard Guardrail used for walkway protection

Heavy Duty Guardrail

Ideal Shield's Heavy Duty Industrial Guardrail Protecting Elevated Facility Floor

Ideal Shield’s Heavy Duty Guardrail used for edge protection. 

Extended Barrier Guardrail 

Ideal Shield One-Line Barrier Guardrail

Ideal Shield One-Line Barrier Guardrail used for extended wall protection.

Rack Guardrail

Ideal Shield's Rack Guardrail used for end of pallet rack protection.

Ideal Shield’s Rack Guardrail used for end of pallet rack protection.

Goal Post Guardrail

Ideal Shield's Goal Post with Heavy Duty Guardrail extensions

Ideal Shield’s Goal Post Guardrail for overhead door protection and Heavy Duty Guardrail extensions. 

Safety Wall Guardrail

Ideal Shield's Safety Wall Guardrail System

Ideal Shield’s Safety Wall Guardrail System used for designated area protection. 

Shop accidents are scary, but with Ideal Shield’s range of facility protection options, they can be avoidable. So, don’t forget about it before it’s too late and you made a mistake. Contact the Ideal Shield sales team today to learn more about which type of Guardrail solution is right for your shop!