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Give Your Business a New Look for the New Year with Decorative Bollard Covers

With the new year here, it’s time to start thinking about ways to make 2019 even better than 2018. But how can you do that as a business owner? More sales are obviously the number one goal but how will you be able to accomplish that? Marketing and branding are some of the most impactful ways to increase sales and company awareness. That is why we have a bigger plan than just some updates to your Facebook page or email signatures. 

To really give your business a new look for the new year, Ideal Shield’s Decorative Bollard Covers will give your storefront, drive-thru, and facility an upgraded, sleeker, cleaner look that will catch the eyes of every passerby. 

Ideal Shield offers 11 different Decorative Bollard Cover options that are available in custom colors and with custom branding decals, which includes: 

4″ Paramount Decorative Covers 

6″ Architectural Decorative Covers 

6″ Metro Decorative Covers

6″ and 10″ Cinco Decorative Covers  

6″ and 10″ Skyline Decorative Covers 

10″ Pawn Decorative Covers 

10″ Ribbed Decorative Covers 

UV and Hardwired Lighted Covers 

Square Bollard Covers 

While our standard Dome Top Bollard Covers get the job done, the wide array of Decorative Covers will give you the options and flexibility to really draw in customers.

Are you looking for a sleeker design for your storefront? The Skyline Covers are perfect for that.

Ideal Shield's Bronze Skyline Decorative Bollard Covers used for storefront protection
Ideal Shield’s Bronze Skyline Decorative Bollard Covers used for storefront protection

Need a more welcoming parking lot and walkway? The Lighted Covers can show you the light.

Ideal Shield's Lighted Bollard Covers guarding a patio at McDonald's
Ideal Shield’s Lighted Bollard Covers guarding a patio at McDonald’s

No matter the look or feel you want your property to project, Ideal Shield has you covered! 

For more information on our catalog of Decorative Bollard Cover options and our custom branding opportunities, please contact our experienced sales team today