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Shield Spotlight: Go Festive with Fabric Holiday Bollard Covers

The holidays are quickly approaching and before you know it, it’ll be the new year and all of the fun and festivity that comes with the season will be gone. So, don’t wait until it’s too late. It’s time to start getting your business and properties ready for the holiday season.

While everyone is putting up the same lights and wreaths this year, we have the perfect way to make your place standout: Fabric Candy Cane Bollard Covers

Our AdShields are removable fabric bollard covers made from a stretchable spandex-like fabric that can comfortably fit over 6” x 59” bollard posts or plastic bollard covers.

While the AdShields are not designed to be permanent, the stretchable sleeves are made to withstand both hot and cold weather for a significant amount of time and are dry cleaner and machine washer safe for the times it does get dirty.

Looking to make your storefronts and parking lots pop this holiday season? Install our candy cane fabric bollard covers in a matter of seconds to add some festive flair to your business. 

We have multiple designs in our fabric bollard socks, including the candy cane and the stars and stripes. For more information on our AdShield fabric bollard covers, contact us today!