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Shield Spotlight: New and Improved Collapsible Locking Bollards

Have you been looking to improve the protection of your temporary vehicle access areas? Whether it’s parking spots for emergency vehicles, pedestrian-friendly alleyways, stadium entrances, or any other application, our new Collapsible Locking Bollards are the perfect solution. 

Ideal Shield's Collapsible Bollard

Ideal Shield’s Collapsible Bollard

Protection for pedestrian-friendly areas is becoming more and more of a trend around the world. And for good reasons. 

There have been plenty of attacks and mistakes by drivers that have cost lives or caused plenty of damage. Installing steel pipe bollards is a good first step in protecting the people but not all areas in need of the protection can be inaccessible. That is why we’ve designed a new and improved Collapsible Bollard that will deter vehicles away but can also drop down to allow emergency and maintenance vehicle access. 

Ideal Shield's Collapsible Bollard

Once installed, our new bollard system can be collapsed in a matter of seconds by removing the lock, lifting the bollard an inch, and leaning it down to the ground. With the highest point of the bollard and base plate being 6.5″ off the ground, most trucks, vans and other vehicles used for maintenance or emergencies can drive clean over it. 

Looking to deter potential threats away from pedestrian-friendly areas? Contact us here at Ideal Shield for more information. Don’t forget to ask about how the post can also be fitted with one of our famous HDPE plastic Bollard Covers to meet branding, style or safety needs.