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Shield Spotlight: The Versatility of the Bollard Cover

At Ideal Shield, we manufacture and sell the industry’s most trusted products. From our original bollard covers and portable sign bases to our patented steel & plastic guardrail and handrail, customers all over the United States purchase these products to secure and improve their facilities. However, not everyone uses our products as they were originally intended to be used, especially our bollard covers. 

While most use our bollard covers to cut down on maintenance and paint costs, and improve both protection and aesthetics of their facilities, we’ve had several customers use our bumper post sleeves for much more than that. 

Ideal Shield's bollard cover being used as a feeding tube for polar bears
Ideal Shield’s bollard cover being used as a feeding tube for polar bears

Here are some of the more unique ways customers have used our versatile bollard covers: 

  • Polar Bear feeding tubes at the zoo 
  • Hidden WiFi hotspots for parks and campuses 
  • Hidden radiological detection bollards for event spaces 
  • Marina boat dock protection 
  • Scuba diving propulsion scooter 
  • Farm feeding troughs for animals 
  • High school science class rockets 

Listening to suggestions and ideas from customers is a big part of what we do here at Ideal Shield. That’s especially true when new, unique ideas are brought forward. So, whether you use our bollard covers for your bollards, boats, bears or goats, contact us today to learn more about our products and feel free to give us some more suggestions!