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Ship, Set and Save: Safety Wall Guard Designed to Meet Customer’s Needs

Satisfying customer needs is a large part of what has continued to keep Ideal Shield among the top Facility Maintenance & Safety Solution manufacturers in the country. Working closely with the customer to meet their specific needs from the opening lead call to the shipping coordination to the installation process and lifespan of the product, Ideal Shield’s committed sales team shines through.

That is the truth with all Ideal Shield products, small to large. And there isn’t any larger products Ideal Shield offers than the Safety Wall Guard which is designed to offer extended floor to ceiling protection to warehouses and manufacturing facilities. 

Ideal Shield's Safety Wall Guard

Ideal Shield’s Safety Wall Guard during installation

Ideal Shield’s team recently worked with Armstrong Ceiling & Wall Solutions to add nearly 300 feet of 16′ Safety Wall Guard to its warehouse to vertically protect stacked pallets and storage material around walkthrough areas. The project took two months to complete from the first call and quote to the shipment and installation being completed, which met the customer’s needs. 

“I would say that I was overall pleased with the process. I thought you were very responsive, especially with some of the updates we made to our order.”, said Armstrong’s Stephen Amicucci. “As for physically installing the wall, it went together fine. We found that it was easiest to build smaller sections (i.e. two end posts and center post) on the ground and stand up with a forklift.”


Ideal Shield's Safety Wall Guard

Ideal Shield’s Safety Wall Guard

Each Safety Wall Guard is a bit different as they’re made to meet the customer’s needs. But even so, minor modifications can be necessary, as were on this Armstrong project. 

“Overall, we were satisfied with how everything turned out. We received lots of positive feedback, and I think we would consider ordering this product again for future installations.”

Ideal Shield's Safety Wall Guard

Ideal Shield’s Safety Wall Guard

Ideal Shield’s full team, from sales and engineering to shop and shipping personnel, worked together to ensure this project was properly fabricated and shipped in a timely manner. 

If your warehouse or facility is in need of extended guardrail protection, contact our experienced team today to learn more about our Safety Wall Guard