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Ideal Shield Candy Cane Fabric Bollard Covers Protecting Store Entrance

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With well over 20 years in the Facility Maintenance Solutions and Protection industry, Ideal Shield has made inroads with some of the largest brands in the United States, North America, and the World. 

Ideal Shield may be a family-owned company in Southwest Detroit but it is far from just a Mom & Pop Shop. 

In the last five years alone, Ideal Shield has manufactured and shipped thousands of custom-colored Portable Sign Bases for McDonald’s, Lowe’s, and Target for national rollouts, thousands of Bollard Covers for AutoZone, Walmart, and Huntington Bank, thousands of feet of Industrial Guardrail for Ford, General Motors, and FCA, and thousands of feet of Aluminum Handrail for Panda Express and SkyZone

And that doesn’t include all of the individual stores, gas stations, strip malls, parking lots, warehouses, fire stations, schools, banks, residential communities, and stadiums that are covered by Ideal Shield. 

No matter the size of the company or the size of the job, Ideal Shield’s trusted and tried products and processes are always there to meet the test.