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Standard and Customized Sanitizer Station Stands for Schools and Offices

As the summer starts to see the finish line and with fall coming up around the corner, schools and more businesses are starting to plan for potential returns of students and employees. But to do so, COVID-19 standards are having to be met. One of the things that school districts and states are requiring is sanitizer stations throughout the building. 

With so many schools and businesses in need of these stations, it can be difficult to get them in a timely fashion. That’s why we’re here to help with our new Sanitizer Stands

Ideal Shield's Sanitizer Station Stand

Ideal Shield’s Sanitizer Station Stand with steel cup holder

Ideal Shield's Sanitizer Station Stands

Ideal Shield’s Sanitizer Station Stands with steel mount for contactless dispenser

Our Sanitizer Stands are made from U.S. Steel plate and pipe, sleeved in HDPE plastic, and are available in multiple sizes as well as multiple styles. Though we don’t sell the sanitizer dispensers themselves, we do offer both a steel cup for gallon jugs and a steel plate wall mount for contactless dispensers. Both options, as well as our two base plate options (12″ diameter at 24lbs and 16″ diameter at 36lbs) can be powder coated in multiple color options. 

Key Sanitizer Locations




Outside of Bathrooms 

Outside of Offices and Classrooms 

Gymnasiums and Warehouses 

High-Touch Point Areas 

Looking for something more customized to match your brand or fit your school or office decor? We can do custom designs to meet your exact needs. 

Ideal Shield's Custom Designed Sanitizer Station Stands

Ideal Shield’s Custom Designed Sanitizer Station Stands

In need of sanitizer stands and stations? Submit a free quote request today or call our experienced sales team today at 866-825-8659 to learn more about our standard and custom sanitizer station options.