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Stop Falls this Fall with Ideal Shield Fall Protection Products

Fall is a great season for so many reasons. There’s pumpkin patches, corn mazes, picking out costumes for Halloween, cozying up under a blanket after warm summer months and watching some scary movies. One thing scarier than horror films and Halloween is not being protected with Ideal Shield’s fall protection products, including our Roof Fall Protection Railings

Did you know that According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, 680 workers died from falling to a lower level in 2021 alone. This is the 4th highest death toll from falls to a lower level since 2014. OSHA places a high emphasis on rooftop protection and our products meet those standards and go beyond your expectations. OSHA Assistant Doug Park reinforces this emphasis because it is  “one of the most preventable and significant causes of workplace fatalities.”

Ideal Shield's Roof Fall Protection Handrail 

Ideal Shield’s Roof Fall Protection Handrail at an office building.

Ideal Shield's white powder coated Roof Edge Fall Protection Railing

Ideal Shield’s white powder coated Roof Edge Fall Protection Railing

We can help keep your workers safe today by providing American-made railing and protection. We’ve been doing it for decades and kept thousands of people safe. Not only does Ideal Shield make a durable, protective product, we also make it in multiple styles that is designed for ease of installation on the user. The Fall Protection Railing is suited for all rooftop protection requirements, including rooftop or edge work, as well as walkways for pedestrian access on apartment or office buildings.

Ideal Shield will work with you to curate the Handrail that provides you with the best protection and best look. If you have specific dimensions, our outstanding engineering team will work with you to meet these specifications.

Need more roof top warnings? Ideal Shield provides more than just the best Roof Fall Protection Railing. We also have Warning Line Systems, designed to be a deterrent to rooftop workers.

Looking for edge protection?  Steel Pipe and Plastic Handrail is perfect for protecting workers on catwalks or even for edge protection inside warehouses and facilities.

Having issues with material falls? Our Safety Wall Guardrail is specifically designed to keep floor stacked material secure. The Topple Barrier can be custom designed to meet your specific protection or material needs. 

Ideal Shield Steel Pipe and Plastic Handrail Protecting Catwalk at Facility

Ideal Shield Steel Pipe and Plastic Handrail Protecting Catwalk in a plant.

Ideal Shield Safety Wall Guard Installed In a facility

Ideal Shield Safety Wall Guard protecting floor stacked material from falls. 

No matter what type of Fall Protection you need, Ideal Shield will provide you with the best products for worker safety.

Ready to enjoy Fall without the worry of worker or material falls? Contact the experienced Ideal Shield team today to learn more about our Fall Protection products and more how we can help protect your workers and prevent future falls and fatalities.