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Stop Material Falls Before It’s Too Late with Safety Wall Guardrail

Did you know that some of the most common accidents and hazards in many facilities include falling material and collapsing loads that trap and/or crush workers? This is a terrifying but realistic hazard that manufacturing facilities and warehouses have to deal with. 

But “just dealing with it” doesn’t need to be the case. 

Behind the smooth operation and efficiency of various industrial facilities like auto parts manufacturers, paper product plants, pharmaceutical companies, and material handling and distribution centers lies a critical yet often overlooked component – The Safety Wall System. While the Industrial Wall Guardrail may seem like a basic structural element, it plays a vital role in ensuring the safety, productivity, and protection of people and products in warehouses and facilities everywhere.

Various industries often deal with hazardous materials and chemicals, which means the importance of safety and containment of materials are critical. That’s especially true for stacked material. Providing proper structures reduces the risk of costly accidents while safeguarding your employees and equipment with floor-to-ceiling section separation.

Ideal Shield's Safety Wall Guardrail System

Ideal Shield’s Safety Wall Guardrail System.

The last thing you want to hear in your warehouse is “Heads up!” or “Look out!” due to stacked material toppling from an accidental vehicle or forklift impact. Ideal Shield’s maintenance-free Safety Wall Guardrail System is the perfect solution for your facility and can be completely customized to suit your needs with specific dimensions and infill panels. Designed to maximize floor space by protecting vertical storage of pallets, crates, and containers, and can withstand multiple hits from forklift impacts.

Ideal Shield’s Safety Wall Guardrail protecting floor stacked material.

Ideal Shield's Topple Barrier Wall Guard

Ideal Shield’s Safety Wall Guardrail with infill panels and kickplates. 

Whether you’re looking for high-bay storage or floor-stacked material protection, Ideal Shield has you covered. Our Safety Wall is unlike anything else on the market and as this industrial vertical guardrail system is easily assembled to reduce installation costs while providing maximum protection for people and equipment so your safety concerns of materials falling on employees are alleviated.

The Safety Wall Barrier not only provides material, machinery, and employee protection but also serves as an alternative to building new foundation walls that typically block light, visibility, and airflow. This means that you don’t need to worry about expanding your warehouse size and re-routing water systems or fire compression systems; just simply adding the Safety Wall and building up your material will save you time, space, and money.

Ideal Shield's Safety Wall Guardrail.

Ideal Shield’s custom designed Safety Wall Guardrail.

Check out our Safety Wall Guardrail Installation video below!

From increasing usable floor space and pallet rack guarding to storage rack safety and equipment protection, Ideal Shield has you covered.

No matter the industry, safety, prevention, and protection are a top priority. Don’t let potential hazards get the best of your facility or warehouse. Experience unmatched security and peace of mind with Ideal Shield’s innovative Safety Wall System solutions.

Contact our experienced sales team today and ask about the simple installation process or referrals from previous customers, including some of the world’s largest automotive companies and suppliers. You can also discuss your facility’s needs with our knowledgeable engineering team, who will create pre-approved drawings.