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Store & Secure Supplies with Tool Crib Enclosures

Have you had the problem with important and expensive tools missing from the warehouse? Whether it’s from the items being stolen or misplaced, one of the most common and effective ways to clear up this issue is to add Tool Cribs to your facility to maintain a safe-storage area and accountability with your employees. 

What is a Tool Crib? 

Tool Cribs are wire mesh partition enclosures that can be custom designed to meet facility or storage needs. The partitions are bolted together to create the enclosure which can be two walls or three walls against a pre-existing wall, or four walls with or without a ceiling to create a free-standing cribbing solution. The wire mesh partitions allow for airflow and easy visibility into the crib or outside of the crib. This visibility will allow for employees to keep a clear eye on everything going on inside or outside of the enclosure. 

Made from U.S. steel and 10 gauge steel wire woven into 1.5″ diamond mesh, the Tool Cribs will allow workers to organize and secure their tools and expensive machinery. Add lockable doors to ensure the security of the assets. Other security and organizational tips include adding part lockers inside of the enclosure and/or a sign out system to keep employees accountable. 

Ideal Shield's Wire Mesh Tool Crib

Ideal Shield’s Wire Mesh Tool Crib with multiple doors. 

What are the Benefits of a Tool Crib? 

Tool Cribs will secure and store expensive and critical tool and parts for any warehouse, distribution center, or manufacturing facility. With the simple set up and installation, the Wire Mesh Tool Cribs won’t break the bank and help you save in the long term as you can ensure those essential tools are not misplaced or stolen, causing downturns in production and future expenses for replacements. 

How Do I Order a Tool Crib? 

Call 1-866-825-8659 or request a quote from Ideal Shield’s knowledgeable sales team today and our engineering department will help you figure out the dimensions and configurations needed to meet your protection needs. 


For more information on Tool Cribs, Wire Mesh Security Enclosures, or any industrial guardrail needs, contact Ideal Shield today