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Temporarily Section Off Areas with Highly Visible Plastic Chain Kits

From time to time, areas need to be blocked off. Whether it’s a dock door at a distribution center, high traffic forklift area, a walking path through a facility or a hallway that is going through cleaning or renovations, having a bright warning will make sure truck drivers, visitors, customers, pedestrians, and employees stay away from the area. But big ugly signs won’t do much and metal chain is too heavy, hideous and hard to see. That is why we suggest adding our Plastic Chain Kits to your facility. 

Ideal Shield offers multiple Plastic Chain Kits including the Bollard Connector Kit, Loading Dock Chain Kit, and our normal 2″ Plastic Chain. 


Ideal Shield's Bollard Chain Kit blocking off a facility entrance ramp

Ideal Shield’s Bollard Chain Kit blocking off a facility entrance ramp

The Bollard Connector Kit comes with two HDPE and rubber blended bollard connectors and 25 feet of two-inch Plastic Chain made of yellow HDPE Plastic with UV Protection. This kit works with the two flexible straps easily wrapping around bollard posts, bollard covers, or any other post, by fastening buttons through the hole at the desired length. There are multiple sizes available to meet your needs. 

Once in place, easily hook and unhook your chain to set up temporary access areas inside or outside of your facility. 


Ideal Shield's Loading Dock Chain Kit magnet

The Loading Dock Chain Kit is an economical, quick install, visual barrier that is designed to make it as simple and easy as possible for workers to set up visual restriction barriers. This specific kit includes two ring/carabiners with Neodymium magnets and 10 feet of two-inch Plastic Chain with two end clips. Just clip the magnets onto the sidewalls of the dock door or even inside the truck itself to warn forklift drivers and other employees that that dock is closed off. 


Ideal Shield's Loading Dock Chain Kit in multiple dock doors

Ideal Shield’s Loading Dock Chain Kit in multiple dock doors

Our Plastic Chain is available in Yellow or Red and is only available in 25 foot or 50 foot chain lengths. The chain also comes with a five year “no fade” guarantee so you know it’ll standout for many years to come. 

Adding Plastic Chain around your facility will help keep your workers, customers, and visitors safer. For more information on our Chain Kits or any of our other Facility Guarding and Protection products, feel free to give our experienced sales team a call today!