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It’s time to prevent vehicle-into-building crashes.

Big Problem

Storefront crashes have been an unheralded, below-the-radar problem for far too long. Typically, these accidents happen as drivers are pulling into or out of ‘nose-in’ parking spaces that face pedestrian areas and storefront businesses (convenience stores, salons, daycare centers, etc.). Sometimes, the vehicle comes into the building from an adjacent street — due to a variety of causes (i.e., driver error, medical issues, police pursuits, DUI).*

On average, 50-60 car crashes per day occur through the doors, windows, and walls of a businesses in America resulting in injuries and possible fatalities. For 2013, it is estimated that 500 Americans died as a result of a vehicle crash through a storefront – that’s more fatalities than all of these potential risks combined: tornadoes, lightning strikes, earthquakes, and skydiving. As many as 3,600 people were injured last year due to storefront crashes – and the toll keeps rising.*

(Ideal Shield is your solution…)

 Protect Your Storefront With Ideal Shield

Retail crash prevention is easy with Ideal Shield. Spinx convenience stores, located in North and South Carolina, use Ideal Shield bollard covers to protect its gas pumps and storefronts. With the right combination of cost effective, maintenance free, and options, Spinx is able to ensure their customers have a safe, positive experience during each visit. For more information on Ideal Shield bollard covers, click here.