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Trust the Bollard Pipe Cover Fitting Experts at Ideal Shield

When looking for an “expert” in a specific field, you look for a couple of distinct traits. That includes the length of time they’ve been in the field, the awards or accolades received, and their standing in the industry.

Well, when you’re looking for the experts in the world of steel pipe sizing and bollard covers, you’ll struggle to find anyone as knowledgeable as the team here at Ideal Shield. And that’s crucial in the tricky world of measuring bollard posts and covers.

For example: Let’s say you measure your facility’s pipes at 6 5/8”. Most would think that a 7” post cover would be the correct size, right? Not really.

The 6” steel pipe cover is actually the perfect fit for a 6 5/8” steel pipe.

Check out our steel pipe fitting guide below: