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Warren Bus Stop Crash Shows Need for Safety Bollards at Public Transit Kiosks

Each and every day, car accidents happen. Whether it’s from driver error, weather conditions, mechanical error or intoxication, it’s, sadly, a very common occurrence. But that doesn’t make it OK or easier to deal with when it happens. And that’s especially true when it happens to unsuspecting victims at a store, walking the sidewalks or, like what happened in Metro-Detroit recently, waiting for the bus.  

On August 2nd, a driver of a pick up truck lost control of his vehicle, swerved in the rain, and violently crashed into a bus stop in Warren, Michigan, which happened to be occupied by six individuals waiting for the bus. The crash completely demolished the bus stop, injured all six individuals which included throwing two of the victims through the glass of the bus stop and trapping the other four underneath the truck when it finally slid to a stop. 

For footage of the accidents, here’s the security camera footage from the nearby Subway restaurant. Viewer Discretion is advised:

According to Fox2 Detroit, the driver of the vehicle faced the judge just days after the crash, as he was arraigned on a six-count felony warrant, which includes three counts of reckless driving causing serious bodily impairment and three counts of operating a vehicle while impaired. Each of the counts has a maximum penalty of five years behind bars and/or a $5,000 fine. 

Crashes like this are very tough to watch. The six individuals waiting for the bus stop had no chance to react and get out of the way before the Dodge Ram truck demolished the glass enclosure and smashed into their bodies. But what if the kiosk were surrounded by protective bollard posts? 

Though there was plenty of speed and weight behind the sliding truck, crash tested bollards could’ve at least slowed the truck down and, potentially, limited the damage done to both the individuals and the bus stop. 

For more information on how bollards can potentially help limit damage and injuries in bus stop, light rail stop, or any other public transit kiosk accidents, contact Ideal Shield today. Our schedule 40 and schedule 80 steel pipe bollards will help deflect and defend the most vulnerable pedestrian areas. 

Photo Credit: Jeff Payne/TheNewsHerald