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Welcome to the Next Level: Introducing the Super-Duty Base Plate Bollard

At Ideal Shield, we’re always pushing the limits and looking to improve our products to continue to be the leader of the industry. We’re also a customer-driven company that is willing to work with our customers to manufacture and supply them with the best products possible.

So, when a large customer of ours came to us to ask about taking a product we’ve manufactured for years and trying to improve it, we were more than up for the task. Our team worked with and adjusted the base plate, anchors and welding, looking to improve the strength and resistance for our bolt down bollards. 

After plenty of time, development and testing, our team created an easy-install bollard with an impact resistant base plate that can protect high risk/critical asset areas from forklift accidents.  

Meet the Super-Duty Base Plate Bollard:

Made to be quickly installed in high-risk areas, the Super-Duty Base Plate Bollard is able to withstand full speed impacts from 13,500 lb. forklifts while maintaining strength and causing minimal damage to the concrete. The larger base plate, stronger anchors and enhanced welding will allow for it to take multiple hits, making it the perfect bollard for busy warehouse environments. 

If you’re looking to move away from cored bollard installation or looking to install (and remove) impact-ready bollards quickly, the Super-Duty Base Plate Bollard (12″ x 12″) is the perfect fit. Also make sure to check out our smaller base plate options for lower-level impact zones. We offer 8″ x 8″ and 10″ x 10″ options. 

For more information on the new Super-Duty Base Plate Bollards, our other base plate bollard options or our wide array of plastic bollard covers to go over your new bollards, please contact the experienced and knowledgeable Ideal Shield sales team today

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