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What’s the Purpose of Guardrail That Needs Guarding?

When you buy a product, no matter what it is, you expect that product to accomplish its stated goal. Whether that’s a bandage to cover cuts and wounds or a drink that is said to “quench your thirst”. Buying a product with a purpose should mean your problem or issue that it was purchased for should be resolved once it’s used. But what if you had to buy another bandage to cover that first bandage because it didn’t “stick”? Or if you had to buy a water to actually quench your thirst after drinking the “thirst quencher”? 

Sounds like a hassle, right? 

Well, that is what we think here at Ideal Shield when we hear of customers that install guardrail and then need to immediately add more guarding to guard people from said guardrail. 

The extra guarding issue has become more and more common in the industrial world as the flexible guardrails that look cool in advertisement videos actually need extra guarding features to stop employees and visitors from potential accidents. These polymer guardrails flex up to 18 inches when impacted by forklifts, allowing the forklift and rail to extend beyond the railing. Those facilities are now requiring safety tape to be marked off on the floor as “No Stand Areas” to warn people to avoid standing too close or stacking material too close to the guardrail that is supposed to stop forklift accidents from causing excessive damage. 

Caution floor tape is required in many facilities for flexible guardrail.

Caution floor tape is required in many facilities for flexible guardrail.

Doesn’t that take away from the whole point of a “guard rail”? 

Here at Ideal Shield, we don’t sell the polymer guardrail because we focus on real protection and not just the latest trends. Our Industrial Guardrail solutions are made from U.S. Steel and are designed to minimally deflect upon impact, giving any facility much needed floor space as well as the piece of mind that assets and walkways will truly be protected. 

Ideal Shield's Standard Guardrail used for walkway protection.

Ideal Shield’s Standard Guardrail used for walkway protection.

In our nearly 30 years of business, we haven’t had to change our guardrail recipe. It’s the exact same design as it was in the mid-1990’s and will be the same design 25 years from now. Instead of using expensive polymer designs that flex on impact and rely on anchor strength, the Ideal Shield Guardrail is a non-welded guarding solution that absorbs the impact of the forklift and evenly distributes the energy throughout the system to ensure the forklift not only stops but the guardrail itself doesn’t deflect more than 6″ to hit walls, people, machinery, or other critical assets. 

The Ideal Shield Guardrail is available in both Standard and Heavy Duty applications, both of which have been engineer tested and designed to withstand multiple collisions of full speed forklifts (size, weight and speed depends on Guardrail style and installation choice). There are also other styles of Ideal Guardrail available, including Goal Posts for doorways and door track protection, and full size Safety Wall Guards for extended protection around stacking and storage areas. 


If you’re looking to properly protect your critical assets and in-plant walkways, don’t be flexible. Go with what works and actually guard your assets. Contact our experienced and knowledgeable sales and engineering team today to learn more about our Industrial Guardrail solutions today!