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Why Ideal Shield has the Industry’s Best Curbside Pickup Sign System

Curbside Pickup became a common, essential feature at just about every restaurant and retail company during the COVID-19 pandemic. Having clearly marked lanes or parking spots for customers to pull up and pickup is what keeps the people happy and your products going out. But with the push in Curbside Pickup comes the fluctuation of Curbside Pickup signage options, making it difficult on you to choose the best option for your needs.

There are plenty of different options on the market. Some that are sidewalk signs. Others that are designed to be tipped and rolled. But one system continues to prove why it’s the best option on the market. And that is our Pyramid Sign Base

Obviously, we would be a bit biased towards our own product but when you drive around any retail area, you see one Curbside Pickup Sign System more than any other and there are reasons why. 

Here’s what separates the Ideal Shield Curbside Pickup Sign System from the competitors: 

Quality & Durability 

Ideal Shield's Gray Pyramid Sign Base Systems at Amazon Fresh's Curbside Pickup

Ideal Shield’s Gray Pyramid Sign Base Systems at Amazon Fresh’s Curbside Pickup

You can’t beat a well made product. That is what we offer here at Ideal Shield. Our Pyramid Sign Bases are made here in the United States and are made of LDPE plastic, ensuring the best plastic mold option available. We also sleeve our custom height 1.66 OD 14 gauge U.S. Steel signpost with your choice of colored HDPE plastic to bring the entire system together. Additionally, if the standard 96″ tall signpost is too tall for your application, we can shorten them to meet your need. 

Other options on the market may be at cheaper price but cheaper isn’t always better. Question is, would you rather spend a little less on a product you may have to replace in a couple months or a year or spend a little bit more for a product that’ll last? 

Ideal Shield’s portable and durable Pyramid Sign Base Systems meet the quality needs your dollars deserve. 

Color Options & Customization 

Ideal Shield's custom Carolina Blue Pyramid Sign Base Systems at Lowe's Curbside Pickup

Ideal Shield’s custom Carolina Blue Pyramid Sign Base Systems at Lowe’s Curbside Pickup

Would you like your new Curbside Sign Base System to be in black? If so, just about anyone can handle that. But if you’re looking for multiple color options to meet branding needs or something bold to standout from the gray concrete, Ideal Shield is the company to contact. 

We offer 10 standard colors of our Pyramid Sign Base and 8 standard colors for our Signposts, meaning at any time we can offer 80 different color combinations. And then there’s our custom color options. Have a specific color code you need to meet? Have a whacky color scheme you’d like to start using? No matter what it is, for a small fee, we can create any color Sign Base you would like or need. 

On top of the color options, we also offer multiple add on options, including Wheels, Decals, Camera Systems and Adjustable Sign Brackets, which come with all Pyramid Sign Base Systems and allows for simple installation of any sized sign. 

Weather Resistance

Ideal Shield's Blue Pyramid Sign Base Systems at Best Buy Curbside Pickup

Ideal Shield’s Blue Pyramid Sign Base Systems at Best Buy Curbside Pickup

How many times have you dealt with your temporary signage tipping over from heavy winds or rain? This is something that can be costly not just in replacing your sign system but if any damage is done to vehicles or pedestrians, plenty of issues will follow. That is why it’s important to have a trustworthy signage system that can withstand the elements. 

Ideal Shield’s Pyramid Sign Base is designed to withstand wind gusts up to 75 mph when properly filled and the proper sized signage is attached. 

On top of wind load capabilities, the Pyramid Sign Base is also a maintenance free product as the LDPE plastic includes ultra-violet and anti-static additives to prevent fading. That means less time touching up paint jobs each and every year. 

Production Capabilities 

Ideal Shield's Red Pyramid Sign Base Systems at Chick Fil A's Curbside Pickup

Ideal Shield’s Red Pyramid Sign Base Systems at Chick Fil A’s Curbside Pickup

High-quality products with all of the bells and whistles is good but if it can’t be manufactured and shipped out in a timely manner, what’s the point? Companies need their products quick and as a maintenance-manager, procurement specialist, or business owner, you’re looking to get as many Sign Systems as you need, when you need it. That is where we completely separate ourselves from the competition. 

Ideal Shield prides itself on its lead times and program capacity capabilities. We’ve handled countless corporate rollouts for Curbside Pickup Sign Systems for some of the largest, most well-known retailers and restaurants in the world. That includes the likes of McDonald’s, Amazon, Walmart, Whole Foods, Lowe’s, Target, Chick Fil A, Best Buy, Walgreens, Enterprise, and plenty of others. 

No matter the size of your project, Ideal Shield has you covered. 

Like the Curbside Pickup services around your town or city, the Curbside Pickup Sign Systems are becoming more and more prevalent. That includes here at Ideal Shield where we have multiple options for sign system solutions including the Pyramid Sign Base as well as our Bollard Sign System, FlexPost Sign System, FlexPost Sign Stick, or just a Standard Signpost

If you’re someone that is in need of purchasing new sign options, don’t waste your time with the competitors. Contact Ideal Shield today to learn more about our Curbside Pickup Sign System capabilities and lead times for your next project!