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Why Ideal? The Proof is in the Precision

Have you ever caught of a glimpse of a parking lot and though, “I’m not parking here, this place looks shady”? That’s something that happens all the time to people and can end up costing businesses and the lot owners plenty of money each year. 

Here are some examples of poor signage: 

Some businesses deal with this: 


And some deal with that: 


It’s not a good look to see a trashed, ugly bollard sign post. That’s why we hear at Ideal Shield offer a much cleaner, aesthetically appealing option for business and parking lot owners:


Ideal Shield has the technology to offer a precise cut and fit every time: 

robot 2

robot 1

Also available from Ideal Shield are easy snap on u-channel covers and matching post sleeves to keep your sign system from ever looking like this: 

bollard sign - bad 3

That is not attractive. A parking lot provides the first impression of any establishment. You don’t want one that looks like the set of a horror movie, you want your guests to return to your facility.

Install a product you can trust because it’s produced by a company that has over twenty years experience and has some of the most innovative teams of all time. Ideal’s Bollard Sign System will catch the eye of patrons for all the right reasons. 



For more information on what we have to offer here at Ideal Shield, check out our available Bollard Sign Systems and make sure to contact us at 866-825-8659.