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Win More Construction Bids with Ideal Shield Products

Bidding the latest job and looking for a proposal with the most competitive pricing available? We’ve Got You Covered. 

Whether it is a construction job that includes Bollards, Bollard Covers, Highway Guardrail, Roof Top Handrail, or Industrial Guarding Solutions, Ideal Shield’s long line of safety solutions will enhance the project and our pricing will be more than just competitive, it’ll help you win the bid. 

Located in Detroit, Michigan, Ideal Shield has a massive inventory of American-made Steel Pipe Bollards and plastic Bollard Covers which means we have both the stock to meet project needs and the ability to work with you on pricing to get the job rewarded to your company. We also manufacture and fabricate all guarding solutions on-site which means you won’t be paying middle-man pricing as we outsource material or work to other companies. 

Does your latest bid include Bollard Covers? We can get you competitive Steel Pipe Bollard pricing as well to bundle the two together and win the bid. 

In need of thousands of feet of galvanized Highway Guardrail? We’re one of the largest fabricators of Highway Guardrail in Michigan and have the material to meet the budget. 

Looking to bid on Safety Railing for a roof top, at a new stadium, or inside of a plant? We offer several different options of Handrail and can offer cost-savings with our maintenance-free designs. 


Ideal Shield's Steel Pipe Bollard Yard

Ideal Shield’s Steel Pipe Bollard Yard is stocked. 


Ideal Shield offers 13 different styles of Bollard Covers.

Ideal Shield offers 13 different styles of Bollard Covers.

What separates us here at Ideal Shield with the competitors is our ability to work with you to the best of our abilities to make your project work. We’ve Got You Covered. It’s not only a catchy slogan but it’s also what we pride ourselves on. Helping you, the customer, meet your project needs. 

So, the next time you have a construction bid due and whether Ideal Shield is specified or not, give our experienced sales team a call and let us see what we can do to help you win that bid.